Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What am I doing?

This is what I asked myself both before and after I gave my two weeks notice on November 30, 2011.

I just turned 35. I am leaving the New England Aquarium (AKA, Safe Haven) for a life (possibly) not as safe. I am selling most of my belongings. I am leaving Boston after 8 years, but I am ready despite any instinct to hold on to the railings.

I'm coming out of the sessile closet. (Even though I have always been walking in and out of it for years...)

I am a nomad. It isn't a disorder.
I'm like plankton, only a little more intentional.

I was born this way. I travel. I change. This is what I do. It's in my marrow.
If I were a superhero, I would call myself Nomadamorphose. My superpower would be to be anywhere in the world I wanted at any given time and be automatically fluent in every language and dialect.

My hope is that if you are reading this now, you will check in every now and again and read my stories. I have no idea what they will be about.  I can only promise that I will be somewhere in the world and share something worth writing about.

If I am somewhere in the world and you want to hear a story about something (anything) associated with that place, then let me know.  I'll see what I can drum up.


  1. Nomadamorphose would get along well with Cypher of the New Mutants. Fluent in every language (including body language). A highly under appreciated power. Can't wait to read all these blogs, Sunnye. You're incredible and your life is amazing :)

  2. Sam!! Wow, I can't wait to read up on Cypher. I might just have to become a comic book fan now. Thank you so much for reading--means the world!!!